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Each infant is cared for according to her/his own schedule and needs. The infant/pre-toddler curriculum includes activities conducted throughout the day as time and your child's interest permits.

Activities focus on motor, art, music, simple problem solving, cause and effect and social experiences. Naps and feedings are scheduled on an individual basis with each child's need in mind. Pre-toddlers are gradually moved to a more regular nap and meal schedule.

Developmental toys are always available for the infant's free play. Daily activity plans are posted for you to know what each child is playing and learning that week. A flexible daily schedule is also posted in the infant room.


A more regular routine provides security for the toddler. Children enter the toddler curriculum between 15 and 18 months or when they are developmentally ready on an individual basis (space permitting). Weekly activity plans are posted in the toddler room. Toddlers have opportunities to make choices in motor, art, dramatic play, simple cooking, discovering, problem solving, music, books, self-help skills and interactive play.

The daily schedule for routines and activities is flexible, based on children's interests, moods and weather conditions (posted in room).


Preschoolers are like sponges — they soak up knowledge. Our program for children ages 3-4 encourages growth and learning with days filled with active and fun activities. Each day is filled with activities designed to meet the needs of all types of learners. Daily group times and center times are designed to expand a child’s vocabulary and knowledge of the world around them. Miss Barbara’s ABCs’ primary educational goal is to prepare each child in our preschool program for kindergarten and to prepare them to become lifelong learners. Recent studies show that our brains reach a developmental peak around the age of 3, when brain activity of a 3-4 year old is twice that of an adult. We realize the importance of this stage in your child’s life and have created a well rounded curriculum to challenge your child through teacher-guided & self-directed learning experiences, hands-on involvement, vocabulary building, pre-literacy skills, and decision-making & problem-solving skills. Social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills are built through activities that engage children — counting out straws for milk, identifying the first letter of each child’s name or cooperating to assemble a puzzle. It’s all fun, and all done with a purpose.


Children in kindergarten through sixth grade benefit from a variety of activities created especially for after school hours, holiday breaks and summer camp. These activities encourage children to work along and in teams with the support of the teacher as needed. They are designed to be open-ended to inspire children to use their creativity. They include group time topics, art activities, and field trips to many fascinating places. By creating a warm, loving atmosphere, Miss Barbara’s ABCs supports learning in a safe setting, inspiring children to become lifelong learners.

All our activities are designed to:

Stimulate creativity and foster a positive self image in each child Encourage social skills through group games, sharing and friendship Maximize learning by developing and improving listening skills, working on increased attention span and focusing on each child’s ability to understand and communicate Develop moral values, acceptable standards of behavior, respect for one another and a sense of right and wrong based upon Biblical guidelines in Christian principles


Childcare in a

Christian Environment

Miss Barbara's ABCs

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